Poetry Downloads

‘Jezebel’ by Anamaría Crowe Serrano

Indelible, Issue no. 6: The Feminine

‘Skin in the Game’ (Indelible | AUD)

Bernadette Mayer’s UTOPIA

Bernadette Mayer’s UTOPIA at Academia.Edu

‘Welcome the Goldfinch’ for Aslı Erdoğan

6 poems from MOTHERBABYHOME in latest issue of Blackbox Manifold

A Hierarchy of Halls (2018)

a thousand prayers (Anne Sexton)

‘‘a nesting of queer epiphanies in an invisible cat’s cradle’ by Jax NTP

Bone antler stone (Museum Pieces) by Tim Miller [PDF]

Anchoress by Julie Sampson

Gertrude Stein: The Complete Writings (2017)

H.D: Heliodora and Other Poems ISSUU

H.D: Heliodora and other poems [PDF]

Timglaset Free PDF:S

Hannah Weiner & Charles Bernstein Intv. for LINEbreak [PDF]

Hannah Weiner from “Eclipse” Magazine

Hannah Weiner: Code Poems from The International Code of Signals for the Use of All Nations (1982)

Indelible – The Escapism Issue

Interview and poems at Bangor Literary Journal

Outports | Longbarrow Press Anthology [PDF]

Riot by Gwendolyn Brooks

Rootless – by Jennifer Matthews

Sina Queyras “I Am No Lady, Lazarus”

Tender Buttons (1928 | Transition)

Tender Buttons | Gertrude Stein (1914)

Three Red Things (download)

14 ways of being kinder to the earth (Dropbox/ Direct Download)

Audio / Sound / Lectures / Visual

Alice Oswald – Interview With Water

Alice Oswald – Lines

Alice Oswald – The Art of Erosion

Alice Oswald – On Behalf of a Pebble

Cherry Trees – Alice Oswald and Katie Mitchell in Conversation

The Third Mind – William S. Burroughs y Brion Gysin

“Incantations of Veneration, Degradation and Protection for the Untamed Displaced Mis-placed Woman”

Emily Dickinson’s Drawer at PENNSOUND

Figure of Speech by JLM Morton

Fornoff – Opposite of a Thank You”

H.D – Helen in Egypt (Pennsound)

Irish Poetry Reading Archive

Kevin Bateman Presents

Queen’s University , Belfast, Audio Library

Seamus Heaney Centre Digital Archive

Sina Queyras reads “I Am No Lady, Lazarus”

Sylvia Plath speaks to Peter Orr on Her Poetry


The Attic Sessions