Merry Christmas 2019 Dear Poethead Readers

Christmas Box

There is honey and chocolate on our doorstep
since Christmas—sweet box and coral flower—
one on either side. The heuchera with ruffled
cocoa-coloured leaves hunkers in the corner, but
the sarcococca or sweet box is where we step
inside by design so that on nights as dark as winter
and full of storm we brush the bluff, squat, shrub
and boots and coat trail the scent of summer
into the hall. Its flowers are what are left of flowers,
petals blown away—spindly threads ghostly in the leaves,
the odd early blood-berry that follows.
Its genus confusa is right—from so frail a bloom,
a scent so big, as if the bees have nested in it
and are eager for their flight.

Christmas Box is © Maureen Boyle


Thank you for reading and supporting Poethead since 2008. I am taking a break until the end of January 2020. During that time I will be reading your work and catching up on all the site correspondence for 2019-2020. Have a peaceful and restful Christmas. You can read international and translated poets at An Index of Women Poets and Irish women poets at Contemporary Irish Women Poets.

A detail from Salma Ahmad Caller’s “Making Den of Sibyl Wren” (2018) 



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