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This page is a text and audio repository for poetry lovers. It includes text, audio (and podcast links), PDFs of original works, and access to the types of poetry that may be considered too long for the ‘usual’ publisher. The usual publisher is concerned only in the production of books for the market. The poetry he sells is artificial, overtly schooled, and severely limited. Readers know that poetry needs to transcend the homogenity of market to thrive. Readers also know that limiting discourse kills poetry. This page doesn’t contain the usual or the mundane. It amuses me that the most boring people currently dominate poetry discourse. It’s as if they need to stand between the life of the poem and the reader in order to micro-manage, interpet, sanitise and kill the spirit of the poem for the reader. The usual type of publisher is anti-poem.

C. Murray, 2023


Signature (Bone Orchard Press)

Welcome The Goldfinch For Aslı Erdoğan (Pandemic Chaplet)

Three Red Things (download) (Smithereens Press)

A Hierarchy of Halls (Smithereens Press)

A Hierarchy of Halls, Expanded Edition (Smithereens Press, Chris Murray)

Expanded editions and downloads at Internet Archive (Chris Murray)


I am a poet without a landscape, a woman poet without a narrative heritage (Irish Times)

Doris Lessing’s Little Known Poetry – Women Writers, Women’s Books (Women Writers, Women’s Books)

Tackling the catastrophic canonical neglect of Irish women poets and writers (Irish Times)

Four voices confront the absence of women in Irish poetry

A Modern Encounter with “Foebus abierat”; On Eavan Boland’s “Phoebus Was Gone, all Gone, His Journey Over” (Eavan Boland: Inside History)

Blanaid Salkeld and the Gayfield Press: the ‘noble art’ of private print publishing. (Irish Times)

Catriona Crowe – Testimony to a Flowering (DRB)

Circling an absent centre: The poetics of Joanna Margaret Paul (Cy Mathews) (Jacket2)

Gertrude Stein: The Complete Writings (2017)

Kathy D’Arcy – A Meditation on Ireland, Women, Poetry and Subversion

Kathy D’Arcy – Why Uncomplicated Recovery Isn’t Enough: Rhoda Coghill, Her Letters, and the Fired! Movement.

Now I am a Tower of Darkness – Walt Hunter at Jacket2

Shifting Perspective in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red by Amelia Brown for Ploughshares

The White Blackbird The Marginalisation of Irish Women Poets from Literary Magazines During the 1980s by Laura Loftus

Todtnauberg: In Heidegger’s Germany there is no room for Paul Celan.


‘Jezebel’ by Anamaría Crowe Serrano

Magnificat by Geraldine Plunkett Dillon (1917)

Bernadette Mayer Reads ‘Walking Like a Robin’

Daly, Catherine: In Medias Res: Five poems, freely adapted from Marguerite Porete

A Burnt Notebook (Wild Roses in Bloom) by Anna Akhmatova, trans. Donald Mager at Interim: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics

Alice Notley’s Magazines : A DIGITAL PUBLISHING PROJECT at Nick Sturm

Twenty One Poems by Katharine Tynan: Selected by W.B. Yeats

Contemporary Irish Women Poets 2008-2021 (Poethead Index)

a thousand prayers (Anne Sexton)

‘‘a nesting of queer epiphanies in an invisible cat’s cradle’ by Jax NTP

Bone antler stone (Museum Pieces) by Tim Miller [PDF]

An Index of Women Poets (Poethead by Chris Murray, 2008-2021)

Hannah Weiner from “Eclipse” Magazine

Hannah Weiner: Code Poems from The International Code of Signals for the Use of All Nations (1982)

Poethead 2008-2021 Archive (Omeka)

Bernadette Mayer’s UTOPIA

Bernadette Mayer’s UTOPIA at Academia.Edu

6 poems from MOTHERBABYHOME in latest issue of Blackbox Manifold

Anchoress by Julie Sampson

Gertrude Stein: The Complete Writings (2017)

H.D: Heliodora and Other Poems ISSUU

H.D: Heliodora and other poems [PDF]

Timglaset Free PDF:S

Hannah Weiner & Charles Bernstein Intv. for LINEbreak [PDF]

Interview and poems at Bangor Literary Journal

Outports | Longbarrow Press Anthology [PDF]

Riot by Gwendolyn Brooks

Rootless – by Jennifer Matthews

Sina Queyras “I Am No Lady, Lazarus”

Tender Buttons (1928 | Transition)

Tender Buttons | Gertrude Stein (1914)

Three Red Things (download)

Star Shavings’ by John Kinsella

14 ways of being kinder to the earth (Dropbox/ Direct Download)

Indelible – The Escapism Issue

‘Skin in the Game’ (Indelible | AUD)

Indelible, Issue no. 6: The Feminine

The Temporary RASCAL Archives

While QUBSC moves and changes its RASCAL site from 31/03/2023- my temporary archives are available here. I will also be building a small website for them. I thought to add them into this page as they represent three years of my work.

Only the Dead Can Be Forgiven: Contemporary Women Poets and Environmental Melancholia by Lucy Collins

Moyra Donaldson delineates her response to  Alex Pryce, “Ambiguous Silences? Women in Anthologies of Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry”Peer English 9 (2014)

Kathy D’Arcy writes on her essay about poet Rhoda Coghill. The paper was initially presented at the ‘Missing Voices’ seminar hosted by Poetry Ireland, Parnell Square, and later withdrawn from a book associated with the seminar. The paper is reproduced in toto in The Honest Ulsterman Magazine (Edition June 2020)

Terese Svoboda on her biography of Lola Ridge Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet (for Lithub)

The White Blackbird; The Marginalisation of Irish Women Poets from Literary Magazines During the 1980s by Laura Loftus