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“tree is real silver” published Poetry Ireland Review (N°138), Ed. Nessa O’Mahony. Published December 2022.

Poetry Ireland Review 138. An Eavan Boland Special Issue, Ed. Nessa O’Mahony.

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“fragments 1 & 2” published Belfield Literary Review (N°2), Eds. Paul Perry and Niamh Campbell. Published April 2022

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“winter street” One Jacar Press -Issue 20

Jacar Press Online URL:

leaf // settles published UCD Pandemic Archive, Lockdown Poetry

UCD Pandemic Archive Online URL:

“Hook” poems published Indelible Literary Journal (AUD), EIC, Roula-Maria Dib.

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‘Nocturne for Voices One and Two’ performed by Una Lee for ‘How The World Begins Again – Irish Women in Sound and Music: Episode 2′ with Elizabeth Hilliard

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Nocturne for Voices One and Two © Chris Murray 2020, 2021

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Elizabeth Hilliard’s website

‘lily crowded window’  published FormaFluens Journal, April 2021, Editor, Tiziana Colusso

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‘Seed’ published Timber Literary Journal, September 2021

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‘morning star’ published Irish Times Poetry, October 2021, Editor, Gerard Smyth

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chris murray at Recours au Poème

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hook, and: sequins, and: spool, and: red on gold, the new dress © Chris Murray 2016, 2021 – First published “The Blind” (Oneiros Books, 2016). Republished indelible literary Journal, EIC, Roula-Maria Dib

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“New poetry books: Hello to GC Waldrep, farewell to Derek Mahon Plus: There is something of Emily Dickinson in the poems of Chris Murray”. Sean Hewitt, Irish Times.

Irish Times Review Gold Friend Online URL:

Gold Friend (published Turas Press) was recommended in “Best Poetry Books of 2021: A Subversion of Wordsworth to a Pandemic Personified” by Martina Evans & Sean Hewitt (Irish Times).

Irish Times Best Books Online URL:

Gold Friend by Chris Murray, sometimes the title is the last piece of the jigsaw (Irish Times)

Gold Friend Essay Online URL:

Gold Friend, Published Turas Tress, 2020. EIC, Elizabeth McSkeane

Internet archive

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“Three Red Things” – Electronic Chapbook -Smithereens Press 2013

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“Three Red Things” PDF:

“A Hierarchy of Halls” – Electronic Chapbook – Smithereens Press 2018

“A Hierarchy of Halls” Online URL:

“A Hierarchy of Halls” PDF:

Chapbooks & Essays

Gold Friend by Chris Murray: the title is often the last piece of the jigsaw [Irish Times]

I am a poet without a landscape, a woman poet without a narrative heritage [Irish Times]

Launching “Gold Friend” [Youtube]

Elegy and Displacement in Goldfriend []

Thriving Outside of the Narrative, an essay on poetic practice [Live Encounters]

Three Red Things (download) (2013)

Signature [Bone Orchard Press]

A Hierarchy of Halls (2018)

Welcome The Goldfinch For Aslı Erdoğan

Tackling the catastrophic canonical neglect of Irish women poets and writers

Doris Lessing’s Little Known Poetry – Women Writers, Women’s Books

A Modern Encounter with “Foebus abierat”; On Eavan Boland’s “Phoebus Was Gone, all Gone, His Journey Over”

Older publications

three short poems Galway Review, 2013

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“precarious migratory spectacular” Galway Review

“precarious migratory spectacular” Online URL:

poems from “The Blind” Ditch Poetry

The Blind Ditch Poetry Online URL:


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