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  • microliths 240-241|246 by Paul Celan

    microliths 240-241|246 by Paul Celan

    Excerpts from microliths by Paul Celan translated by Pierre Joris ____________ [These are Celan’s first notes toward the conference project “On the Darkness of Poetry” which remained unfinished.] Pjoris 240 240.1 || Mysticism as wordlessness Poetry as form 241.2 The poem is inscribed as the figure of the whole language, but language remains invisible; what is…

  • Further excerpts from Paul Celan’s ‘microliths’

    Further excerpts from Paul Celan’s ‘microliths’

    16 He who transforms himself wants, being the same, to become someone else. Shape = semblance 17  There is no such thing as the Ibolithic, you say! Well, where would we wind up if we agreed with that? For then the Lithic wouldn’t exist either, the basic Lithic, this idiom worked up with such great…