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  • bow down / bough down published york literary review

    bow down a harrowed treenest-ruinedtangled leaf Its bough down bow down— a-flowering-tree (still, it flowers) Submarine blue iswhere dawn occurs  (South/South-east of here) Dawn’s lightbox runsfrom north blueto south warm The point betweenis lit-not-lit  (nor) seamed a bas-relief. Copyright 2016, 2018 Chris Murray  Bow Down from ‘bind’, first published York Literary Review, Issue #1 2016 https://blog.yorksj.ac.uk/yorkliteraryreview/files/2017/05/2016-YLR-for-download.pdf Online URL https://blog.yorksj.ac.uk/yorkliteraryreview/ Collected bind 2018 https://turaspress.ie/shop/bind-by-christine-murray/ 

  • “Bow Down” at York Literary Review

    Bow Down   A harrowed tree nest-ruined tangled leaf   Its bough down bow down—   A-flowering-tree  (still, it flowers)   Submarine blue is where dawn occurs  (South/South-east of here)   Dawn’s lightbox runs from north blue to south warm   The point between is lit-not-lit   (nor) seamed  a bas-relief.   Bow Down is…