from “Poem Rocket” By Allen Ginsberg.

This is an excerpt from Poem Rocket, by Allen Ginsberg,
Moon politicians earth-weeping and warring in eternity
tho not one star disturbed by screaming madmen from
Oil tycoons from Romania making secret deals with flabby green
slave camps on Saturn Cuban revolutions on Mars?
Old life and new life side by side, will Catholic Church find Christ
on Jupiter?
Mohammed rave in Uranus will Buddha be acceptable on the
stolid planets
or will we find Zoroastrian temples flowering on Neptune?
What monstrous new ecclesiastical design on the entire universe
unfolds in the dying Pope’s brain?

Excerpted from Poem Rocket by Allen Ginsberg who died in 1997. I started a conversation about him on a poetry forum, and indeed I met him briefly at the Cúirt Poetry Festival in Galway ! (amazed)

Welcome to Poethead ! This is my first ever post, so I am hoping that it gets off the ground. My emphasis will mostly be on women’s poetry, with some discussion on censorship, culture, and freedom of speech. I might throw in an index and see how it all goes.

EDIT 2014: The Poetry Ireland Forum, mentioned here has been deleted from the PI servers. I rescued an amount of drafts and original works, but I had to let conversation threads and chit chat go as no data liberation tools were provided by Poetry Ireland. PI took the decision to abandon, without archiving, their 2000-2013 poetry forum. That’s 13 years of people’s work not saved, not compressed, just chucked. Oh! how we respect the work of poets in Ireland!

One response to “from “Poem Rocket” By Allen Ginsberg.”

  1. O Yes!

    Someone recited Poem Rocket for me!!!!
    (an unforgettable experience)

    More Poem Rockets , less warlike phallic shite


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