Viva La Vida! by Frida Kahlo.

Vive La Vida!
Vive La Vida!

There are many images by the artist Frida Kahlo.They are full of light. She is all over the net, and  on you-tube, there is a small film called The Real Frida – and I suppose her work is known to  many people.

Poethead is about women’s art , poetry and image; and I found I had never used any of her images, though I have in other places with regard to Oaxaca and CAFTA, even with regard to our Halloween. The above image is ‘Vive La Vida’, it was painted  just before her death, which occurred 11 days after the CIA take over of Guatemala. The last images of her show her clasping a peace dove banner at a blockade

She fully embraced her life in all her methods and modes of expression, song, photography, politics and little  books,  not least the paintings.

The best bio I have read is by Hayden Herrera and is (if I remember) simply entitled ‘Frida’, it is worth the read , though nothing would compare with the paintings.

There is a blog link to a good Frida Kahlo site in the blogroll on the left-hand column. There is also wiki on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera which can be accessed by just googling ‘Wiki’ :  Frida Kahlo !!

Hayden Herrera, ‘Frida Kahlo, the Paintings’

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