The Night Garden I. Meditations by Éilis ní Dhuibhne, images by Alice Maher.

Alice Maher, artist extraordinaire exhibited at the RHA last year in Dublin, the show was entitled, ‘The Night Garden‘ and it was an interesting evolution and development of her themes. I reviewed it elsewhere. A small book of meditations by Éilis Ní Dhuibhne and drawings by Maher were a part of that show.


Eternal Lines to Time

Mairfidh mo ainm go brách

Agus mo anam.
Ná bí ag ceapadh
Agus mo chloigeann ar phláta agat
Nach mbeidh mé ann de shíor
Chun tú a chrá, a ghrá.
Mairfidh mo línte
Ar feadh na síoraíochta.

Cén fáth eile
A bheinn ag scríobh?
Ach sin Rud nach nadmhaíonn éinne

The images are beautiful, but I cannot find them on google. This is another short poem from the Night Garden book:

Leda Asks Zeus

What on earth made you think
I’d fancy a swan?
I just don’t get it.
You could turn yourself into anyone.
Brad Pitt, or Mr Darcy.
Even…only slagging…
Maud Gonne.
But ohmygod
A big lump of a swan?

Like, why?
There’s something else I don’t get
or else
You are a goose, Zeus.

But never mind.
It may be afterall
That we are made for each other.’

The Night Garden, Drawings by Alice Maher, Meditations by Eilis Ní Dhuibhne.

2 responses to “The Night Garden I. Meditations by Éilis ní Dhuibhne, images by Alice Maher.”

  1. Can you tell me where you reviewed the show & send the link if there is one. Can I also ask what you think Maher’s main themes are and how they have evolved over time? From what I’ve seen she seems to have started out deconstructing Catholic iconography but I find her more recent work more difficult to read…I’d be very interested to hear what you have to say. Thanks


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