Views From the Windy House by Rob Smith.

Telescope tree tell me the truth
of why and what for
I stand at the door
not the one before
but the floor is the ceiling
and the window the floor
but I made the game
which lost the key to the door.

from:- Views from the Windy HouseRob Smith Notebooks. Publ, The Irish Museum Of Modern Art. 1994.

I published this because it is an interesting exemplar of the marriage between image and poetics; and also because the pragmatism displayed in Rob’s chosen divisions is very like Colum’s approach to the work of the poet in The Poet’s Circuits.

I am a great admirer of a pragmatic approach to artistic communication and thus organise all my bits into colour-coded online folders in google docs, that way I can avoid the in progress headache of some prose (completely) and work through the painful blocks.

Note: I have just linked in my archive to Poetry Ireland discussions and contributions on the blogroll, it sits beneath the Tara petition and Feis notices.


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