Happy Christmas , I lost my avatar

Mainie Jellett Figuarative Composition.
Mainie Jellett figurative Composition.

O well, I lost my avatar so have included an image of guimel, after attempting a braille V, and a semaphore download. 

Today I went to the National library and got maybe five minutes of quiet time in a Christmas rush that involves me doing all the cooking. (Thus ingredient buying). The Yeats exhibit is still there and will be showing during the Christmas period on the 29th of the month until 4.45pm. The National library is having a facelift at the moment, so people should follow the scaffolds and signs.

The last twice I saw the Yeats were excellent, at this point I just decide what room to enter before I go in and try to ignore the rest,tantalising as it is. Today I went into the little darkened office-space, wherein two fake candles (insurance reasons). The last time I was in there the angel of the Apocalypse fell off the stand and I banged my head. This is not the thing to do in the hushed rooms of the National Library Collection. Anyway, I highly recommend the exhibition to those who are familiar with Yeats; and to those who might get a kick out of the Metaphysics and occult aspect of the exhibition.

There’s also a book-sale ongoing in the shop (which is why I had gone in to be honest). The weather is glowy yellow and town (Dublin City Centre) is buzzing beautifully. My shoes were too loud and I did not have enough time to really enjoy; but the exhibition is  excellently curated , and a break from the glitzy tinsel so beloved of our shops. Merry Christmas to all whom read Poethead.

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