Borges, Neo-Nazism, and a Pierre Joris Link to Edward Said.

There has been a European under-current in indoctrinated and ugly Neo-Nazism, indeed it turned up on a political site where I sometimes hang out to do my bickering. Political-sites often provide a happy breeding-ground for people who would rather not think, but do one of two things : indoctrinate others of like mind , or have somewhere to vent that has a loosely-managed  and therefore easily circumvented set of policies on violent hate-speech and censorship. 

One of the methodologies of indoctrinating young angry and violent men is to utilise the cultivation of ignorance as a tool, this is usually known as applying the imprimatur (censorship), wherein one’s individuation and desire for knowledge is channelled into the creation of violence. There have been shootings of the Jewish community in Denmark. One Irish site had a person encouraging the soft-targetting and murder of jews from the diaspora. A certain inadequacy  is evident when hate-speech is allowed thrive under a banner of free-speech, whilst cyber-bullying is ignored in other places. I expect that it all comes down to editorial choices vis controversy is seductive and acquires negative attention whilst the exposition of issues through utilising the intellect is scary. I expect that attention is what is wanted (even if it is negative) it is better than nothing. One shouldn’t really have high hopes for any site that has a consistent negative attention-cycle , borne of endless publicity-seeking.

Controversialists  are thus encouraged to cripple their humanity and to  carry out the evil of older more experienced and twisted men,  and yet this brand of race violence is failed, will fail and continues to create violence and inequality. it really is up to every reader whether they wish to think or have some erratic faceless person shove their belief-systems down out throats, its that simple. I would encourage Poethead readers to buy books and not waste good time on the internet !

The reference to Pierre Joris is to the Nomadics site which has an interesting Edward Said essay Link. I am away from my library, but wish to publish an excerpt from The First Diasporist Manifesto soon, called the  The Almond Tree . 

Kitaj’s discussion on artifical diasporas and the violences of the Middle East are grounded in his exile and understanding of the issues, and unlike the twisted violence so recently reared up onto Irish bulletin/discussion boards actually tries to discuss and contextualise the issues.

I think that certain Irish boards knowingly cultivate the tub-thumpers and people of violence,  if it helps to wear the free-speech label,  all the better. It is far easier for a group of ill-educated androcentrists to have cyber-bullies safely touting their ignorance on political  boards than to have them attacking people in the streets. A certain reduction is harm is encouraged, save for those amongst us who find cyber-violence as abhorrent as actual physical violence. I’d rather read a Kitaj essay than the semi-literate bilge that passes for political discussion in Ireland today.

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