The Garden of the Fand 1916 by Sir Arnold Bax

Whilst in Mayo on holidays a conversation occurred regarding accessing written materials by Artist and Seer George Russell (AE). The only book obtainable from the library was The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, by W.Y Evans Wentz.

There are a few pages of unidentified interview with AE within the book (Colin Smythe, Humanities Press, 1911). The name of Bax also emerged, (but unfortunately upon my leaving), thus it appears that the LPs will be played for me at a later stage. Bax was an  acquaintance of my host, who had some interesting stories on Bax’s Irish sojourn and  eventual death to impart. There is, as far as I can make out nothing on YouTube. I must await the pleasure of hearing the music, described within the sleeve notes as,

The Garden of the Fand is the sea…in the earlier portion of the work the composer seeks to create the atmosphere of an enchanted Atlantic.. Upon the surface floats a small ship… the little craft is borne on beneath a sky of pearl and amethyst until on the crest of an immense wave it is tossed onto the shore of Fand’s miraculous island. Here is the inhuman revelry, and the voyagers are caught away unresisting into the maze of the dance. A pause comes and Fand sings her song of immortal love.. the dancing begins again, and finally the sea rising suddenly overwhelms the whole island…twilight falls, the sea subsides, and Fand’s garden fades out of sight..”

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