‘The Claws of the Puma’, Patricia Verdugo


“Yes, if the tormentor could express himself-then nearly everything would be gained. only he could fix on a pin this harmful insect- only he sees through it. But the tormentor never speaks, he is the most laconic being that was ever created. he forces his victims to do the talking, the wailing, the stammering- he himself is silent-one might think it was stupidity, but it is not stupidity, one might think that it is contempt for words, but he does not despise words, he is interested in words. It is perhaps quite simply inability. He is bound to the action, the victim is bound to the word.

Besk Brygd, 1947. Mirijam Tuominen

I ask myself again this morning as we witness Ultra-Nationalism why people who fail (utterly fail) in leadership are the ones whose names we remember, and those like Verdugo are so easily forgotten. I think that we make a fetish of violence.

Blogging Patricia cos we should not forget the violence of Ultra-Nationalism.
Indymedia Obit of Verdugo.

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