Chorus Line.

Musicians in the Orchestra a Wiki image- Degas
Musicians in the Orchestra a Wiki image- Degas

This small post is about the chorus line and in keeping with the tone of the blog  can include both the unhinged (and hung): The Maidens from Atwood’s Penelopiad, and the solo singer who creates the most wonderful antiphons from her weird isolation and her tithing to the Church: Hildegard of Bingen. I shall include links to all at the end of this post.

For days now I have been rooting through my books to find Murder in the Cathedral by T.S Eliot. The chorus therein is composed of the poor women of Canterbury who both delineate the action and act as witnesses to disaster. They are the voices of the dispossessed as much as the women of the islands in their keening , or the voices of women poets who are marginalised in Irish academia (at least) and the reason why I initiated this blog in the first place.

The  amount of blog hits have surprised me,  and I would like to thank those who regularly read. I would also enjoy developing outward.


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