Poetry Ireland Online.

Poetry Ireland
Poetry Ireland

This post comprises a small acknowledgement of the work of Poetry Ireland both online and in the real world , as well a space to collate some of the useful links which might interest those who amongst us who do poetics.

In recent times I had written a small tribute to David Marcus who had died and whilst mining for information to add to the scant bit that I knew both as a reader and writer I noted that he was instrumental in setting up the precursor to Poetry Ireland which has developed imho into an incredible literary resource , thus I thought it would be really nice to discuss the site online in Poethead which has a strong connection to the site through the Poetry Ireland Forum,the Tangled Web and even a review page on Agnes Nemes Nagy.

There follows at the end of this short paragraph links in bold to the site , which I have decided is the best way to present anything, those who may be interested in exploring further can get a taster of how it is all put together; and thus divine what joy it gives to those amongst us who like the idea of both utilising the site and contributing therein.

The Tangled Web Resource Page

Poetry Ireland Publications

Book Reviews Page

Poetry Ireland Forum

Poetry Ireland Mainpage

My Nagy

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