‘A Glance Will Tell You and A Dream Confirm’ Mc Intyre.


“Slip ashore, show
you how to gather
pollen, simple breath,

music wishing
to be born
loops the page,

a red sea-rod
knows every fish
wise in the lap

of your ninth wave,
wave in waiting
shy to the west,

it’s long past noon,
the night comes one,
down to the water,

child of nature,
down to the water,
play me home.”

A Glance will tell you A dream confirm, Tom Mc Intyre, Dedalus Press, 1994

I am moving rather slowly through the Poetry Book Society recommended  translation of The Georgics  of Virgil by Peter Fallon, published Gallery Press, 2004. Thus the opening verse:

” What tickles the corn to laugh in rows, and by what star
to steer the plow, and how to train the vine to elms,
good management of flocks and herds, the expertise
bees need
to thrive- my lord, Maecenas, such are the makings of
the song
I take upon myself to sing.”

Both these books are longtime favourites which are sorely neglected in the daily grind of work.

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