The ‘Ephemera’ Titles on Poethead.

Anyone who reads this site (and lots do) will note that there are titles
Ephemera I-VI

I did not start an Ephemera Category , nor do I much feel like developing one.
It’s mostly direct C+P without operating links from email leakage or indeed
from one or other site that I happen to contribute on. I have published them
also into a group in Linkedin because I strongly believe that everything
should be filed somewhere.

( makes things easier to find, even if they are rough and ready.)

The Six Poethead Ephemera Links are now added into this post:

Ephemera # 1.
Ephemera # II.
Ephemera # III.
Ephemera # iv.
Ephemera # IV (a)
Ephemera # V; Knickers to Google.
GBS : Ephemera # VI.

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