It is the centenary year of Ms Weil’s Birth.

Writers are this year celebrating the centenary of Simone Weil‘s birth, sure if we did not have dedicated women’s departments where would we be?

A proliferation of books,essays and critiques are promised for this year, oft-times women of great vision and expression disappeared under the weight of history only to resurface with the creative effort of forensic archivists and dedicated communicators.

I have just completed reading Waiting for God by Ms Weil, and I have a small book of her writings in a SUNY publication. It will be great to be able to access more of her writing. I shall add in here at the base of this small post the few Poethead links to Simone Weil’s work and I hope to have another piece available over the next few days.

International Women’s Day,’ Necessity‘ by Simone Weill.

On finding a book of Simone Weill essays!

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