The National Campaign for the Arts Petition.

I have discussed here on Poethead before now the effects of a bad approach to arts, indeed compared this current Government’s paucity in funding to the first government in this state which underfunded, censored and failed at every level in arts development , leading to the evolution of such groups as The Irish exhibition of Living Art, The White Stag group, the friends of the Hugh Lane Gallery and many more. Most of these comments are noted in the threads about Blasphemy and the funding cuts to the Irish and Western Writer’s Centres. I spent a considerable amount of time listening to similar stories in music development in Mayo (theres a facebook going there too).

I expect that it is a lack of cultural understanding about how art develops that plagues this government, not to mention a sense of propriety which belies an almost lunatic ignorance (which most of the growing Irish generation has witnessed in the approach to the destruction of Tara by Dick Roche, John Gormley and Bertie Ahern). Ireland needs a viable Art’s Council and a Minister capable of intellectual integrity .:. Sign the Petition here ‘:’

National Campaign for the Arts Petition.
Western Writers

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