PEN International Women Writers; new blog at the Portugal PEN Centre.

The new chair of the Portuguese International PEN Women Writer’s Committee , Teresa Salema, has announced a new blog set-up Via Blogger for members of PEN to contribute, follow and join in the conversation. I sent  this morning my congrats.

Following this short introductory, I have added in the links to both Terra Incognita and the  PIWWC  main page.

Welcome to Kadija George who is new Chair of PIWWC and Thanks to Judith Buckrich.

EDIT: PIWWC operates a diversity blog and a Facebook group, called Our Voice, for those of us interested in women’s literary endeavours. Please read VIDA, Women in the Literary Arts to see how invisible women writers are become in an age where equality is worn upon torn sleeves like an old motto- but actually means less than nothing in the market-place that writing has become.

‘Terra Incognita’
PEN Portugal Club.

Terra Incognita Blog graphic.

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