Irish Publishing News blog on the Irish Literature Bursary.

This is just a link to Irish publishing News reportage on the issue of Irish Arts Council literature bursaries for 2010. The previous two posts on this blog have looked a bit closer at the savaging by the Irish Arts Council of two dedicated Writer’s Centres :

The Irish Writers Centre, in Parnell Sq and The Western Writer’s Centre in Galway. I have also been discussing the issues of dysfunctionality and lack of independence in the Irish Arts Council on my Facebook and (Irish politics site).

I expect that I often have linked them to the previous articles , which are also at the end of this post. it interests me that small independents which provide the lifeblood of literary Ireland get condemned whilst business-sponsorship is increased. I wonder at the increase in arts bureaucracy which i see as a devaluation of arts.

In my opinion the issue of endorsement (for it is not artistic exemption) is based in the changes made by Seán O Donoghue to the 2003 Arts act, which allows the Revenue commissioners to take the advices of a Council appointed directly by the Minister for Arts and Sport.

Irish publishing News on the reduction in literature bursary .

statement from the Irish Writers Centre on 0% funding

Statement from IWC on Poethead.

Two Writer’s Centres savaged by Martin Cullen TD appointed Arts Council.

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