A wee Chatto and Windus Almanack

I have not decided what to do with this small almanac yet, its publication date is noted as : 1926 (re-print 1983).

It’s a gem, with images Stanley Spencer later converted into quasi-religious subject-matter and it is sitting on my desk awaiting  my writing!  Maybe it’s because the thing has no evident calendrical structure and is just the names of months and dates that gives it a slight sparseness.. thus its enjoyment comes from admiring the images, I am unsure… It feels vaguely sacrilegious to attempt my scrawl in it, thus I am in two minds on how to proceed.

One of the things about the Google Book Settlement which was largely undiscussed was the prohibition on pictorials. I have discussed here before the charm of illustration, collaboration and artistic focus in books, most especially in relation to two singular texts,

René Crevel‘s , ‘Babylon’ and ‘Mark my Words’, by Eilis Ní Dhuibhne, with Alice Maher , (I also like Kitaj’s ‘The First Diasporist Manifesto’ ) Excerpt from ‘The First Diasporist Manifesto’ R B Kitaj.

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