How to Construct an operating vade mecum.

It really is quite difficult to just go out and buy correction ribbon
and typewriter ribbon of any hue in Dublin. Pens are difficult also,
the ones I like invariably cannot be got after a few weeks, so
I tend to buy the comfortable ones in batches.

I have not found a replacement for the stolen one yet 😦

How to Construct an Operating Vademecum. I am working on it ! a) You need a notebook or set thereof. b) A room of one's own is not too much to ask. c) A goodish pen, this is problematic if the only you have possessed for many years has been stolen/lost/misplaced. Ensuring an adequate replacement of the implement means a ready supply of good accessible Cartridge refills. d) On the subject of typewriters (as Opposed to easy keyboards), It's nigh impossible to get ribbon and correction tap … Read More

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