Two poems by Liliana Ursu. (via poethead)

The poems are taken from a slim volume of Ursu’s Poetry entitled ‘The Sky Behind the Forest’ which is discussed elsewhere on Poethead ( under the twin headings of Repression and Translation) for Liliana had to write during the Ceaucescu Regime. There are essays by her collaborative translators Tess Gallagher and Adam J Sorkin describing the inherent difficulties of this translation process accompanying the volume in the forewords.

The poems follow this short introductory , at link.

Two poems by Liliana Ursu. Poem with a Griffin, a Pike and Peacocks. I am reading a poem while it rains. The day blinks through windows guarded by a griffin; its talons flex, its tail switches. ~ Do you remember those summer showers high in the mountains? The dull pop of a toadstool beneath your bare foot in the dew-covered grass? ~ Under a cr … Read More

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