‘ Said Sori to the Mirror’ by Sadaf Ahmadi.

Said Sori to the Mirror

‘He is a harmful man’ , said Sori
‘he has hurt me a lot since I met him.
every thing looks dark and sinister inside his eyes ,
I hate that’.

I hate that moment when I see his eyes
I wish I had never met him
I wish I had never known him.
He is not nice with me.
He has never been nice with any one.
He is a harmful man.
I can’t see any light in the end of tunnel
So what should I do?
I can’t go back
I have no choice
I have to go on.
I have to keep fighting with
There in the end of tunnel,
There is may be a light
There should be a light
There must be a light
There is a light.
I will go on
I will get to that light.
I don’t care if he stings me,
It doesn’t matter if he creates darkness on my way,
It is fine if he scatters thorns of spite on my path.
I won’t give up.
He will never be able to destroy the power of beyond,
The power of hope and the power of love.
He can’t seize my calmness and confidence
He is not able to possess my thoughts.
‘He is a harmful man ‘said Sori to the mirror ,
‘look at him , he is like the injured snake
ready to strike’..’

© Sadaf Ahamdi 9/June/09

Sadaf Amhadi studied English at Ballsbridge College of Further Education. Then she began studying Art at Inchicore college of Further Education, it was a portfolio preparation course and during that time she applied for third level courses and is now studying visual Communication in IADT.

'Two Women and a Mirror' by Artemesia Gentileschi (1593-1656)

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