Michel Houellebecq has won the Goncourt prize for La Carte et le Territoire , Paris Review

from , Paris Review (RSS Link on Poethead main page)

Michel Houellebecq has finally received the Prix Goncourt, France’s most prestigious literary prize. As Susannah Hunnewell suggested in our current issue, the honor is overdue. Click here to read the most in-depth interview with Houellebecq available in English.

As our diarist Nelly Kaprielian reported last September in The Paris Review Daily, Houellebecq is still living hard. He has aged visibly in the last couple of years. He even tells her that his latest novel, La carte et le territoire, may be his last. We hope and trust that time will prove him wrong.”

There is a permanent RSS link to Paris Review on the main page of the Poethead Blog, which readers can find beneath this post also. The above quote forms the opening two paragraphs to the announcement that Michel Houellebecq has won the 2010 Prix Goncourt  for  ‘ La Carte et le Territoire’ . Paris Review is today running an interview in English with Houellebecq .  Recommended  reads by Houellebecq (by me) include HP Lovecraft , Against the World, Against Life and Atomised. I have included links to both here,

2 responses to “Michel Houellebecq has won the Goncourt prize for La Carte et le Territoire , Paris Review”

  1. I’ve been stunned when I’ve been looking for a picture of him earlier today. He’s a mess… Nothing like the snob smoking his cigarette between the middle and the ring fingers a few years back.


  2. I never much pay attention to what is considered beautiful, though
    I find a strange type of beauty in his writing that reminds me of
    Lessing (!)

    (go figure…..)


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