National Campaign for the Arts, Ireland: National Recovery Plan (November 24) Impact on the Arts.

Savings of €76 million need to be made by 2014 : NCFA Response to the NRP 24/11/2010.

The NCFA has issued a very restrained response to the proposed Governmental cuts in Arts and Heritage (Including Cultural Institutions), So it’s linked here, whilst I examine the faulty RSS feed:

These are being frontloaded in 2011 with a cut of €26 million. Final figures will be announced on Budget Day.€50 million will be saved over the remaining 3 years.

Only €5 million of this €26 million will come from a reduction in allocations to cultural institutions and cultural projects. See below:

* Reduced allocations to cultural institutions and cultural projects €5 million

* Reduced funding for sporting bodies and agencies including Irish Sports Council and National Sports Campus €3 million

* Reduction in tourism expenditure through operational efficiencies, prioritisation of activities and more focused tourism marketing investment €5 million

We checked with the Department today and we understand that the €5 million cut to culture covers Budget Lines D1-D10 in the annual budget . In other words €5 million has to be saved from across the following budget lines. How much each will be reduced by will be announced on Budget Day on Dec 7th.”

 Slight Rant  : Fianna Fáil Planning 2000-2010 and how it effects Ireland’s natural and built heritage.

Unfortunately , the issue here is of trust. The jaundiced and repellent Fianna Fáil approach to Arts, Heritage and Culture (including Gaelteacht Affairs) does not allow for green shoots, but presents instead a hackneyed and twee vision of Ireland. I do not think there will be a radical change in policy without a change in Government. Other Poethead Posts and Pages on this issue include petitions for Independent Writers Centres funds not to be cut, the PH  links to Save Tara and include  the truly illiterate Blasphemy Criminalisation into Irish law in January 2010.  Even when the country was rolling in money , Fianna Fáil heritage policy involved swapping actual Heritage centres for interpretative Centres, and under-funding the National Library archives to the point of not providing them with heat, climate-control or decent storage spaces.

The Irish Green Party :  ‘If you sup with the divil, best bring a long spoon made of  Asbestos’.

Its pretty obvious that I have been opposed to Governmental policy in the Arts since the 2003 Arts Act, and since 2000 in relation to Fianna Fáil’s consistent negligence in heritage affairs, which have seen a raft of planning bills introduced into the Dáil which have been not balanced with Bills that focus on Conservation of Ireland’s natural and built Heritage. I suppose that when the EU , banks and planning investigations complete , the current Green party will hold up its hands and admit they didn’t know about what has been blindingly obvious to everyone else all along. The fact that we are and have been in Breach of EU Directive does not bother individuals or party members , because they have not been criminalised and/or brutalised for pointing out years of abject failures or profit-centred planning, including the National Monuments Act 2004, The SIB 2006, The Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2002 which is delightfully known as the Trespass Law . In the period between 2000-2006 , Fianna Fáil did not present a single Act wholly focused on conservation, one can see where their priorities lie quite clearly and it must be said those of their junior coalition partner too.

National Campaign For Arts Statements
Save Tara Campaign
Planning Bills can be examined at the Oireachtas site, the Strategic Infrastructure Bill 2006 , is of particular interest here.
The National Monuments Act 2004 , allows for destruction of heritage sites by a sitting Minister for Environment

The 2006 Strategic Infrastructure Bill restructures the Irish courts to fast-track Developer-led planning and takes to pieces the Aarhus Convention ( a central platform of Green  Party Policy)

National Campaign for Arts , Ireland.

National Campaign For the Arts, Ireland

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