A Saturday Woman Poet, Women Writers On Poethead in 2010.

A Saturday Woman Poet 2010 , some Women Writers from the Poethead blog .

The Saturday Woman Poet  category of Poethead is related to  other categories and themes within this site called , 25 Pins in a Packet , Women Creators,  A Saturday Woman Poet and Saturday Women Poets. I will be adding those links and archives at the end of this piece.

Poets who have appeared in the Saturday Woman Poet this year include, Ágnes Nemes Nagy, Eithne Strong, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Moya CannonSylvia Plath , Eavan Boland, Nelly Sachs , Glenda Cimino,  Eva Gore-Booth, Sarojini Naidu, Denise Levertov , Liliana Ursu, Shahnaz A’Lami, Mirjam Tuominen and Celia De Fréine.

Alongside these women poets appear their translators and editors. Sometimes I have thought to add a writer of prose and or poetic prose, this list includes Nagy , Mary Lavin, Mirjam Touminen and Elisaveta Bagyrana .  Tess Gallagher, Kay Boyle and Marian Glasscoe feature as editors and translators of Liliana Ursu , René Crevel and Julian of Norwich respectively .

Collaborative Translation and Visual Art, some favourites  on the Poethead site.

Collaborative translations and artwork are very popular on the site with Alice Maher and Éilis Ní Dhúibhne’s work being very sought after, along with the René Crevel  and Max Ernst posts.  I think that Tess Gallagher’s translations of LilianaUrsu’s  poems are as popular as Weil also. The most interesting thing about the women writers on Poethead is the fact that they are sought and found through search-engines through  memory, scraps of remembered lines are put through multi-lingual engines and readers end up here . The most popular search-engine terms seek   Bachman, Simone Weil and Levertov. It’s also heartening to see Poethead comprises a good fifth of the site’s search-engine  terms, which means that readers come back to visit the site if they are happy enough with the transcriptions, book title information and translator’s works.

I also wanted to add in here a November 2010 Review of Nancy Spero’s Torture of Women , from The Nation Magazine :

“The limits of my language,” Ludwig Wittgenstein famously declared, “are the limits of my world.” One of the most notorious limits of our language, and one that has done much to limit our world, is “man” being the embodiment of humanity. That the pronoun “he” can represent indifferently “he” or “she,” that “man” represents “man” or “woman”: these are grammatical traces of the phenomenon that Simone de Beauvoir made the starting point of The Second Sex more than sixty years ago: “humanity is male and defines woman not in herself but relative to him.”

Archive for the ‘25 Pins in a Packet : Women Creators’ Category

25 Pins in a Packet , Women Creators continued
March 8th 2009 , ‘Necessity, by Simone Weil

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