The Arts and the Elections, a notice by the National Campaign for the Arts


The election has been called and a new government is imminent.  That means new policies and new priorities – with no guarantees for funding and continued investment in the arts.

Once again, we must make a case for the arts.  We must:

  • lobby to maintain a full cabinet Minister for Arts
  • promote the role and value of the arts
  • campaign for continued and increased investment in the arts
  • advocate for the provision of appropriate social protection for artists and those who work in the arts.

Once again, we need your help.  You can help in five simple ways:


In Dublin the arts spokespersons from all 5 political parties will attend a meeting to outline their respective arts policies and answer your questions. There will be a similar format in Galway with candidates from  Galway East and West constituencies invited to present their local arts policy and answer your questions.

Come along and make the arts an election issue. It’s important we show politicians the arts matter!
Monday 14 February

Dublin: 10.45am – 12.15  Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar

Galway: 11.00am Radisson Blu Hotel

If you would like any further information about our activities this year please contact Tania Banotti.  The website will be updated with all relevant information about the campaign by next week.

Campaign for Arts
A brief note on arts policy and the 2011 General Election.

I note that Fine Gael has released a policy document in relation to arts, this is press-released from the National campaign for Arts website, which I am linking here,  beneath this brief excerpt. This link is to the National Campaign for Arts index page . I will add in other political party policy papers if they become available during the election campaign.

Fine Gael Arts Policy 2010.

• The arts and culture “will have a seat at the cabinet table” in any future FG government.

• Commitment to a flagship Literature Centre in a landmark building in Dublin, given the UNESCO City of literature designation and possibly a new arts and film channel.

• A much greater commitment to the arts in the school curricula & the cultural rights of children as well as core funding for organisations providing arts programming for children

• As part of 2016 commemoration, a range of new commissions beginning immediately.
• National Endowment Fund for the Arts to be set up.

• Arts Council vacancies in future will be in future advertised.

One hopes that ‘ the seat at the cabinet table ‘will comprise a full portfolio…

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