Poems from ‘Bartalk’ by Nessa O Mahony

Silly Me …

by Nessa O Mahony

to think the beech would shiver differently today.
It’s felt the breeze for aeons though the leaves
still tremble to that touch.

Why expect another shade of blue
behind those tossed-sheet clouds?

Imagine thinking that the sun might dance
or my face would give the game away.
If I remember not to smile.

From Bartalk, by Nessa O Mahony 


Sancreed Well

by Nessa O Mahony

A mouth into the earth,
a gape of flags
beside the rubble
of the early church.
No other sign,
no fragment cloths
tied to twigs with faith.
Just steps deep down,
worn slippy by the weight
of pilgrim hopes
and the steady drip,
the water-carried beat
of prayer.
In the clammy air
nowhere to look
but down, deep down
into the blackened pool,
and in the moss-lined font
nothing to see
but your own face,
staring your rippled question
back at you.

from Bartalk,  http://www.irishliteraryrevival.com/nessa-omahony/

Re:  Irish Literary Revival and Creative Commons Licences.

This means that the works can be shared under the licensing of Attribution, no derivatives (alterations or adaptions) and not for commercial purposes. I am linking here to the wonderful Irish literary Revival Site and to Nessa’s blog-space: For information on Poetry and blogging, those people interested in Intellectual property rights and literary dissemination should look at Creative Commons and a Poetry Foundation Document, which I have previously published here.

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