Two Cradle songs.

 from : Deep Song and Other Prose, Federico Garcia Lorca

Little white bug
who comes at the wrong time,
at home is the father
of the crying child.

Little black bug
with snowy wings
at home is the father
of the child who sings.

from : The adulteress song that is sung in Alba de Tormes

First Published in GB by Marion Boyars Publishers Limited 1980. translations by Christopher Maurer.

Deirín Dé.

Deirín dé deirín dé,
the brown goat calling in the heather,
deirín dé,  deirín dé,
the ducks are squawking in the marsh.

Deirín dé , deirín dé
cows go west at dawn of day,
deirin de , deirín dé ,
and my babe will mind them on the grass.

Deirín dé , deirin dé,
moon will rise and sun will set,
deirín dé , deirín dé ,
and you are my babe and share of life.

Deirín de, deirín dé ,
a thrush’s nest in my little press,
deirín dé , deirín dé ,
yes, and gold for my little darling.

Deirín dé , deirín dé ,
I’ll let my babe out picking berries,
deirín dé , deirín dé ,
if he’ll just sleep sound till the round of day.


  • from : An Duanaire 1600-1900 , Poems of the Dispossessed. Le Seán O Tuama , Thomas KinsellaForas na Gaeilge 1981.

Deep Song and Other Prose by Federico Garcia Lorca

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