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 the moth, arts and literature magazine

The moth, arts and literature magazine is linked at the end of this short introductory. I picked up my copy at the newsagent at Easons in Heuston station. It proved a very popular read on holiday and I barely got my hands on it. I wondered whether I should just link a poem or mention the art, but like all good magazines, it is how the whole is edited, rather than the plucking from it of  tidbits or tasters that makes it work as a publication.

Poems are by Daragh Breen, Paul Keenan, Mairéad Donnellan ,Tishani Doshi , Evan Costigan, Bernard O Donoghue, Helena Nolan, Lorraine Mariner, Peter Fallon and Jessica Traynor.More poems are by Rebecca O Connor, Richard W. Halperin , Andrew Elliot and Niamh Boyce. The magazine is replete with limpid images by Ralph Kiggell, Bill Griffin, Nathalie Lete and Theresa Ruschan. Short fiction, Interviews, and a Shane Connaughton play also form the body of the magazine.


by Rebecca O Connor.

The sky is the white smoke of a quenched fire,
and his heart is loose, poor George.
Peppa says he must stay in bed for three years,
which is what passes for a weekend here.

My heart too is loose, needs its noose tightened.
And just as I say this the sun seeps wetly through
to remind me that something smoulders,
something still burns.

by Rebecca O Connor

The Moth, cover illustration ‘The Red Shed’, by Vincent Sheridan
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