‘Banalities Translated from the Chinese’ by Kurt Schwitters

Banalities translated from the Chinese

Flies have short lice.
To hurry is wit in a flurry.
Red raspberries are red.
The end is the beginning of every end.
The beginning is the end of every beginning.
Banality becomes all respectable citizens.
Bourgeoisie is the beginning of every bourgeois.
Spice makes short jokes nice.
All women hate mice.
Every beginning has an end.
The world is full of smart people.
Smart is dumb.
Not everything called expressionism is expressive art.
Dumb is smart.
Smart remains dumb.

Banalitäten aus dem Chinesischen , by Kurt Schwitters .

I was looking for poems based in the Dada era this lovely morning , wishing to publish my favourite one, Anna Blume but decided to add the above and a link to Anna Blume instead.

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