Online sounds , the spoken word.

Writers encounter archives mostly, and sound-work is no exception, for instance I encountered UBUWEB whilst researching Celtic mouth Music and Joesph Beuys. Kenneth Goldsmith’s idea to make film, poetry and music available online was sheer avant-gardeism.

I have written about UBUWEB before now here, and I recommend the Poetry Foundation link at the top of this page as an introductory to what has been happening online in terms of dissemination across literary genres.

Other access points include the major US universities who archive readings, the first link of that type included here is of Allen Ginsberg readingEpithalamion‘ (Reed Edu) linked in the Threads section, which runs down the left-hand column of the Poethead site, and YouTube. YouTube has a wealth of surprising poetry readings, including the unforgettable first-time I heard Sylvia Plath readsDaddy‘ (BBC recording). I have also added some Bachmann and Schwitters (Anna Blume) on to Poethead, though I must admit to  under-using sounds on this site. Poets Pages has a ‘Spoken Word’ section, allowing mp3 uploads.

I am recommending today a huge cache of Kerouac poetry , that I got via email. Coolidge on Kerouac (Pennsound)and the Clark Coolidge Pennsound pages.

After all, Kerouac’s first language was not English, it was a kind of Quebecois called Joual, which is a totally vocal language. He says he heard it from his mother before he learned English.”


Online Poetry:

Harriet Monroe Foundation:

Anna Blume :

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