The Dublin Poetry Review.

It’s good to see the Dublin Poetry Review on Facebook and online, it’s Heroes Congress is an eclectic mix of writing heroes presented in PDF format and protected by the use of Creative Commons license, this is what Poetry and innovation is about : accessibility and generosity. There are 99 published poets in the Heroes Congress, I have added a taster below by Mairéad Byrne, The Men,


“The men stand outside the Dunkin Donuts Center on a cold sunny November morning. They stand in their shirt sleeves, skirted by wall, at the top of a broad sweep of steps. They are smoking and talking. Like men in church porches. Men in dark suits of indiscriminate fit. The pungent smell of damp and rain. Their loose knot slips further to let me pass. The church by the sea in Kincasslagh. Holding its secret of ordinariness etched in the astringent sublime.”

Cc : (cc by-nc-nd) :  Creative

I am adding in the Dublin Poetry Review Facebook, Homepage and a link to Creative Commons. The CC link has already been discussed on this blog across two posts (and numerous references), so I thought to add those post-links also. Their importance in transmitting materials, whilst allowing artists/editors to manage copyright attribution and derivatives should not be underestimated.

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