A Note on Hannah Weiner’s ‘Book of Revelations’ at Jacket2 Magazine

This post is related to yesterday’s introduction to Jacket 2, which is linked here.  Jacket2  and writers like Afilreis  use social-media and  Twitter to disseminate serious poetics. I started to write about Hannah Weiner as an addendum to a wider article on Jacket 2 last week, but thought that I would do some more reading before concentrating on her work alone.

I really (really) like the Book of Revelations by Hannah Weiner , further to that I admire how J2 have presented the  piece. The book  was composed in 1989 and has been  amassed into a virtual edition on the J2 site , by Marta L. Werner. There are seven hyperlinks running alongside the introduction to the text, which I link here.

An  excerpt ( 34) from  The Searchable Transcript  follows :

“save all the surprises for you
tonight we can expect anarchy
in one moment I will tell you
forty nine people cannot stand
the beginning was a little bore
expect little help from midgets
in some sense all words travel
there must be no suspicion
dont ally yourself with imps”

Hannah Weiner , The Book Of Revelations

To create section 1 (from “forthcoming and absolutely” to “no one can eliminate a particle”), Rosenthal placed a steel straight edge on the page in sequenced parallels and grasped at the paper in the lower corner with her right hand, bearing down on the steel with her left and pulling upward to form straight rips with a slightly textured edge; to create section 2 (from “read more about it in the papers” to “absence of time between 5 and 7”), she used an X-Acto #2 fine point blade to slice concentric or nested angles or rectangles.”

I also thought, being  in a generous  type of sunlit-mood (at time of writing) to add a piece of the audio archive from PennSound !  

The Book of Revelations, Hannah Weiner

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