‘Every Verse is a Child of Love’ by Marina Tsvetaeva.

Every Verse is a child of love.

Every verse is a child of love,
A destitute bastard slip,
A firstling – the winds above –
Left by the road asleep.
Heart has a gulf, and a bridge,
Heart has a bless, and a grief.
Who is his father? A liege?
Maybe a liege, or a thief.
by Marina Tsvetaeva


I Know the Truth
I know the truth – forget all other truths!
No need for anyone on earth to struggle.
Look –  it is evening, look, it is nearly night:
what will you say, poets, lovers, generals?
The wind is level now, the earth is wet with dew,
the storm of stars in the sky will turn to quiet.
And soon all of us will sleep beneath the earth, we
who never let each other sleep above it.

“I know the truth” Tsvetaeva (1915). Translation by Elaine Feinstein.


The above link is to  Tsvetaeva’s Wikipedia page. This week news reports and statements suggest that Anna Politkovskayas  killer is now behind bars. Whilst researching and reminding myself of the small things that I did at the time of her death in 2006, like reading and connecting with the IWMF and publishing about violence against women writers and journalists, I came across some articles about poems, music and protests from those people effected by Politkovskaya’s writing. Interestingly Tsvetaeva’s work was read at the public protests and organically wound into musical tributes. I thought to publish two poems here as a type of memorial to two Russian women writers today.


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