‘Song’ by Edith Sitwell

Said the Bee to the Lion
‘ My life is a gold prayer-‘
Said the laughing Sun
‘My life is the gold air’
Said the Lion to the Bee
‘My life is that of the sun ; in hot gold, I rage through
the gold air’
But I who have known the weight of the August air
And the gold heat in the heart
Am like a bright small star in a starry sky
Bright to myself only.’
by Edith Sitwell.

This poem is from the 1962 edition of The Outcasts, Macmillan and Company Limited. I am adding here the Poetry Foundation link to Edith  Sitwell’s  archive and bibliography. There is a short note linked on this blog about Transcribing Edith Sitwell, from the Women Writers, Women Books site.

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