Experimenting with new poetry on poethead

I  have decided to inaugurate a new poetry section on the blog, which will be happening on the first Saturday of every month in the saturday woman poet category of Poethead. The first poem, Nine, by Brittany Hill will be followed in March by another poet’s work. I hope to keep this up until summer, when I will revise and decide whether to continue the section. The rest of the month’s posts will be of the usual blogging and book-talk for those readers who are interested in poetry, and in reading the work and themes of women poets. Thanks to my brave volunteers who have offered their works for the New Poetry space. I may also publish some poetic prose or short pieces of prose, as I have some pieces that are currently homeless.

As I decided to start with poet-bloggers , I’d like to invite anyone who is interested in sharing blog-links or contributing a poem to just add their name in comments. My email contact is c(dot)elizabethmurray(at)gmail(dot)com. I am adding this post to google+ and Facebook. This is an experiment, and I hope to try it for a period of a few months before deciding to retain it wholly.

 February’s poet is Brittany Hill , Nine , by Brittany Hill

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