Issue 22 of the Southword Literary Journal is now online

Issue 22 of the Southword Literary Journal of the Munster Literature Centre is now online. I am adding one of my published poems from Southword 22, a contents page from the journal, and a link to the Munster Literature Centre’s homepage. Please do visit the poetry, review and essay pages, as well as the other three poems on my page.

Issue 22 of Southword, the editors and contributors

  • Poetry in English is edited by Leanne O’ Sullivan.

Poetry written by , Jeffrey Alfier, Fióna Bolger, Tomas De Faoite, Kevin Graham, Richard Halperin, Brian Kirk, John Liddy, Mary Madec, Afric McGlinchey, David Mohan, Paddy Moran, Sue Morgan, Christine Murray, Paul Ó Cólmain, Caitríona O’Reilly, John W. Sexton, Michael Sheehan, Knute Skinner, Fiona Smith, Gerard Smyth, Matthew Sweeney, and Ken Taylor.

  • Short Stories are edited by Ian Wild.

Short Stories are by , Lane Ashfeldt,  Armel Dagorn,  Seán Kenny, Kieran Marsh, Danielle McLaughlin, and Nuala Ní Chonchúir.

  • An Ghaoth Aneas: Forlíonadh Gaeilge. Eagarthóir, Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh

Filiocht : Colm Breathnach, Clíodhna Cussen, Biddy Jenkinson, Dairena Ní Chinnéide, agus  Séamus Barra Ó Súilleabháin

Prós : Mícheál Ó Ruairc

Léirmheastóireacht : Eilís Ní Dhúill agus Muiris Ó Meara

  • Reviews and Criticism , edited by Patrick Cotter.

Contributors are ,Sara Baume, Philip Coleman, Dave Lordan, Jennifer Matthews, Thomas McCarthy,  Eugene O’Connell


As If

“It had not once occurred to her to ask (who) ?
Wherefrom is grace , and to whither it goes when
it departs ?

High-wordedness has stymied her sense of longing
in every colour from indigo to amber, amber to indigo.

As if , as if the jewels caught up in the blades of grass
were instead attached to the lashes of her eyes,
skewing her not-vision.

She peeked at herself in walking again and again
in that place. Only to be torn there,
back from those things most fiercely desired,

those hollowed-out things of indigo and amber,
amber , indigo, their very shadows mired by the

trees maybe,

© C. Murray , all rights reserved.

The Munster Literature Centre

5 responses to “Issue 22 of the Southword Literary Journal is now online”

    • I hoard publications ! Blogging is a convenient way of keeping track of them, of thanking Journals/publications, and it’s something that has become habitual. I have been using WordPress for four years and only using 1% of blog storage.

      (best to keep back-up copy elsewhere or to use export to keep files in Dropbox)


      • I’m on WordPress too, though I suspect in a much more scatterbrained way!
        My name next to my photo links to it –

        — only a bit nervous of telling you this as my last post is a sort of poem – by which I mean it has line breaks. I’ve only twice attempted things with line breaks since I left school…


      • I like the look of the blog and the piece. If you are not backing-up regularly, and this is your work that I am talking about:

        Go to your dashboard and to the tools icon, you can press export and a small file will save to your computer. You can email the file to yourself or put it in Dropbox. This way you keep your pics, content and structure if you want to change the site, or if it evah crashes.


        > Dashboard >tools >export >save .xml file.

        seriously , it’s good practice to keep your work, especially if you are putting up original writing. Best to mind your writing and respect it !

        Oh ! and never (ever) accidently hit delete site


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