The 2012 Béal Festival of New Music and Poetry

Béal Festival will be programming an experimental Lament for Three Women’s Voices, by myself. The lament is related to a cycle that SouthWord (Munster Literature Centre) published in the Summer of 2012. The  original piece was called Two Songs of War and a Lyric

Béal Festival 2012  is a festival of new music and poetry. The whole festival takes place over three days (Nov 7th – 9th) in the Banquet Hall at Smock Alley. The format is open-plan, trying wherever possible to allow different aesthetics and approaches to rub against each other.

Featured composers include: Robert Ashley and Tom Johnson with a European première of Ashley’s recent opera World War III as well as a newly-commissioned work by Johnson for vocal ensemble.’

Day 1: Wednesday 7th November from 6.30 pm

TheOpenRehearsals – short performance by improvised music theatre collective
Gráinne Mulvey – The Seafarer (soprano and electronics) World Premiere
Claire Fitch phone
Aodán McCardle – ‘nil’ ‘abair’ (a set of poetry readings / improvisations using projection)
Leuclade – Segundo Hechizo

8.00 pm – a method: the road climbs

Haydn: String Quartet Op 64 No 6
Georges Aperghis: Recitations (exc.)
Tom Johnson: Formulas for String Quartet
Tom Johnson: Counting Music
readings by Billy Mills

Performers: Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano), ConTempo String Quartet, Aodán McCardle, Billy Mills

Day 2: Thursday 8th Nov

from 6.30 pm

TheOpenRehearsals a forty minute set from TheOpenRehearsals of their unique style of improvised opera

7.30 pm World War III: Just the Highlights

Robert Ashley: World War III: Just the Highlights (European Premiere), The Producer Speaks and When Famous Last Words Fail You

Performers: Tom Buckner (baritone) Vincent Lynch (voice and piano) Aodán McCardle

9.30 pm
Christopher Fox: MERZsonata
Aodán McCardle: Purgatory (a new work in response to Robert Ashley)
Bernadette Comac: The Virtual Performer

Day 3: Friday 9th Nov , from 4 pm

Derek Ball: Autour de la chambre de Sarah (for cello, piano, speaker)
Dennis Wyers: Beyond Strings: In Search of M-Theory (for soprano / spoken female voice, live processing and triggered sounds)
Sinead Finegan: Both beautiful, one a gazelle (for violin, speaker)
Christine Murray: Lament (for three female voices)
Michael Holohan: Plurabelle (tape piece)
Nicola Monopoli: Vocal Etude (tape piece)
Maurice Scully reading his own poetry

7.30 pm The air moves us : we move the air
Ailís ní Ríain: Eyeless
Scott McLaughlin: Phon 2
Sean Doherty: Saccade
David Bremner: Round
Tom Johnson: Tick Tock Rhythms
Christopher Fox: A Glimpse of Sion’s Glory
Billy Mills: Loop Walks

Performers: ensembÉal, Orla Flanagan, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Maurice Scully, David Bremner, Elizabeth Hilliard, Sinead Finegan
Info about Béal :

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