A brief note on the Béal Festival 2012

Last evening, 09/11/2012 , a poem called A Lament, written by me, was staged at the 2012 Béal Festival of New Music and Poetry. I am adding the Béal Festival website here. There will be shots and a recording available soon.

My thanks to Elizabeth Hilliard and David Bremner for their support in staging the poem and for a wonderful evening of music and poetry. I particularly enjoyed listening to Tom Johnson, and to The Sea-Farer.

Thanks to the wonderful women who spoke the poem with such powerful dignity, Dove Curpen, Réiltín Ní Chartaigh Dúill, and Emilie Champenois. Special thanks to Rita Barror who staged A Lament, and who helped with moving the poem from text to performance. Waltons Music school gave us a flexible rehearsal space which I am absurdly grateful for, and until this week I did not even know existed.

A Lament has always been companion to Two Songs of War and a Lyric, published by SouthWord Literary Journal in 2012, and deals with the subject of violence and conflict, especially on women and children. I wish to thank Mariela Baeva who is anthologising part of the series along with the PEN International Women’s Writers Committee, for her interest and support.

I hope to have pics and an audio at some near point, until then thanks everyone for making it possible.

Some Publications and readings by C. Murray

2012 Béal Festival

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