2013 by Aine MacAodha

“The Chinese New Year 2013
marks the year of the Snake
graceful and dark at the same time.
As one year bows out to another
I often reflect on past occurrences
failures and wins, silly mistakes,
see if I have learned from them.
Death brought many clouds of grief
at losing my brother so suddenly
family gatherings feel strained
we all want to talk about him but don’t
for fear it will create even more sadness.
Like a lost bead on a necklace, the space
a constant reminder of his passing.
Death is a leveler of sorts a stopper of tracks
just like the new year as it approaches
vows will be made and broken
there will be make-ups and break-ups.
Haves and have-nots, peace and war.
With my anthology of wishes I push on.
I wish 2013 be the year man returns to listening
to his intuition like the ancestors did
working from within using inner radar
learn to be more spiritually aware of others.
Respect the songs of others like the birds in the sky
their choruses are many and they live freely.
Slow down and awaken to the new.”.

2013 is © Aine MacAodha

Thanks to Aine for her poem 2013 to mark this New Year on Poethead. I am adding Aine’s website landing-page, Poetry and Links. Aine has published Fire of the Gaels on Poethead previously,  and I have included her in my Index of Women Poets.

  • Look out for Aine Mac Aodha and a bevy of contemporary poets at A New Ulster

Aine MacAodha

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