‘World Put to Rights’ by Kelly Creighton

World Put to Rights

The dream that burst riverbanks
held you; blackstrap molasses,
antidote for your poison.

Your plummets spraying wetness
like a coin in a cascade
woke no-one, not even us.

The church spire grew legs, scaled bricks,
ran to your side, spotlighted.
I put glass over that glow.

Quiet-huff of your refuge,
flailing arms, spluttering snores.
Ungainly crooning tunes

to the realms of purity;
I found too sickly-sweet. You
fought the humdrum, from your seat.

You would sleep outside, would sing,
stand on ledges mollified.
I won’t sing, no matter what.

Float on, keep your whistles of
booze-hounds. When I awaken
I will join you, watch for me.

World Put to Rights is © Kelly Creighton , all rights reserved.

You can read more about Kelly at the following

Kelly Creighton/ Ceallach O Criochain is an Irish artist, writer of fiction and poetry; born in Belfast in 1979 she writes about contemporary relationships and local landscapes. Kelly has previously published poems and short stories in anthologies and magazines.Currently her poetry is in literary ezines including A New Ulster, Lapwing PublicationsRecently her work was feature of the week in Electric Windmill Press.Kelly is editing her novel Yielding Fruit, a historical fiction set in West Yorkshire, she is also compiling her first collection of poems.

2 responses to “‘World Put to Rights’ by Kelly Creighton”

  1. Kelly Creighton is wonderful at her work, the two poems Poethead has offered are worth a second reading, just for the intoxicating swirl
    Thanx Kelly, Keep on


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