The Cézannization of what wasn’t left, an excerpt from ‘Machinations’

untitled oil on canvas by Michael McAloran

untitled image , oil on canvas by © Michael McAloran 2003

histology slice 3

[ a tissue cloth so delicately coloured in mauves and purples indigo
and ivory cells become tissue whereas this isn’t at all the case
all is one in febrile disequilibrium not excluding momentary states
of euphoria and relative equilibrium the macabre beauty of histology
like a travelogue along enlarged detailed drawings of funghal spores
or sporoform zoophytes white exquisitely and hypersensitively drawn
by haekcle against a black CSO corps sans organes the hubris debris
humus against which lines flightlines maps nomadologic trails micro
politic events pointillistic gestes rhizomatic ghanaean junglean infra
branchings dadaistic or ba’akan pygmee refrains establish unfold
glare and disappear amongst glacis’ of ice basalt slate sapphire or
northsea grayness and mist histology is that : the slice with obsolete
or ephemereal or contingent a truth to leave the observor with her’s
his’s own ponderings of carcinogenic intimacy or clean tissue missive
towards the ones receptive the ones donating slices out of their body
to be mapped navigated coloured in mauves grays deep purples
to indigo ]

Text is © Aad de Gids

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