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issue VI , A New Ulster

What distinguishes A New Ulster as poetry journal is evident also in Bone Orchard Poetry and in other Ezines that are led by artists and writers who respond with alacrity to a need for publishing platforms for new and established writers. When I started this blog  five years ago, I did a yearly review of what is offered to the poetic writer in the way of publishing platforms. The developing commitment of literary editors to the usage of online tools, such as Ezines, BlogZines, online-publication, and adapting traditional publication was at an exciting point.  Jacket2, Harriet the Blog (The Poetry Foundation) and Poetry Ireland were busily adapting to and testing the poetic waters, as was UBUWEB . Editors have been using social-media tools to ensure that poetry is read. I find it strange that there appears to be an inherent distrust of the medium in some quarters here in Ireland. Underutilisation of open-source systems and social media  tools strikes me as  a little ungenerous.

The years began providing exciting new magazines and platforms, an increase in poetic-writing is showing itself in publications like Burning Bush 2, And Other Poems, Anon Publications Bare Hands and Southword, to name a few. The other side of the coin is how traditional publications are adapting to internet and using social-media to advance poetic writers and  their audiences. It may have been bold to claim a poetic-renaissance but I am sticking to it, maybe others will catch up when they get their heads out of Miley Cyrus’ arse, who knows ?

A New Ulster a publishing platform led by Amos Gideon Grieg and Arizahn, is that wonderful poetic-hybrid of traditional and internet publication that uses a wide variety of social-media platforms to generate audience and writer alike. Because the publication is writer led, the editors bring in their skills as poet and fiction-writer, and their (hopefully not exhausted enthusiasm) for new forms and methodologies of communicating  literature with their readers. 

Poets featuring in a New Ulster include :

  • Issue  1Judith Thurley, Micheal Mc Aloran, Colin Dardis, Csilla Toldy, Cliff Wedgbury and J. S. Watts
  • Issue 2 Micheal Mc Aloran, Alistair Graham, Heller Levinson, Inso, Jogn Liddy, Geraldine O’Kane, Aine MacAodha, Brian Adlai, J. S. Watts, Peter Pegnall and Peter Fahy.
  • Issue 3:  David McClean, Neil Ellman, Angela Topping,  Nancy Ann Miller, Christopher Barnes, Stella Burton and more.
  • Issue 4 , added as link
  • Homepage of a New Ulster
  • Aine McAodha on Poethead

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