“This Is The Point Where Colour Comes in” by Christine Murray


gold-bodied a beetle dives
into muck and dirt, a silica
of glitter on his porch,
his wing.
there is no evidence of his home now
it is vanished,
small soil tabernacle
he carried in the sun.



this is the point where colour comes in,
a slap of blue/ the wooden baker’s palette
hits glittering concrete
city of silica, its bedrock trembles a bit
glossy/ the blackbird’s sunbath/his beak
goldened almost/ yellow.
From The Silences is © C. Murray

This Is The Point Where Colour Comes In was initially published at Bone Orchard Poetry, from a MSS series called The Silences

4 responses to ““This Is The Point Where Colour Comes in” by Christine Murray”

  1. Murray’s materialism is an ecological vision communicating intelligence, wonder, and intense pleasure. Her craft links early modernism and openings of a wide range of contemporary discourses. Her making models mindfulness without apology. Bravo!


    • Thanks Tom , I find myself stashing notes and images on spare bits of paper and then have to decipher my standing-up left-handed slightly shaky writing onto a keyboard later on. Its not easy to be just contemplative, that’s when the images fly in and take over. Thanks for your messages and comments of support, they are much appreciated. Chris


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