Blank pages and Other Poems by Ellie Rose McKee


This Feeling

This feeling is a soft, slow touch
A gentle trickle,
A dying ember and a silent whisper
A glistening, glowing light
A haunting melody,
A sad smile and a quiet sigh
This feeling is longing
Love and waiting wrapped as one
The girl by the window
Scanning the wide, still sea
Waiting for her prince

Blank Pages

I got a new notebook today
The cover was so bright – shining
And the pages: the highest quality
But it was difficult deciding
Just what to use it for
Part of me didn’t want to use it at all, lest I spoil it
I wanted to fill the pages with something important
That I’d want to keep, and look back on
Wanted to take extra care, so I’d never need to rip out any pages
And then I thought to myself, how much this notebook is like my life
And I still don’t know what to write
And the years are slipping by


Festival (To Be Young)

Sweat, on top of dirt, on top of sun burn
Headache from the heat, and a chill
From the cold walk back to the tent, in the dark
Adrenaline in my blood, and a reverberated beat in my chest
Laughter, chatter, and noise
No sleep under the full moon
Many unforgettable memories
This Feeling, Blank Pages and Festival are © Ellie Rose McKee

This Feeling was originally published in McKee’s first collection of poetry and short stories Still Dreaming.

1959492Ellie Rose McKee is Originally from Bangor in Northern Ireland, Ellie lived in Lincoln, England for three years. Since then she has spent six months living in Oxford and a considerable amount of time travelling elsewhere around the UK. She is the author of Still Dreaming and Wake – collections of poetry and short stories – is currently working as a freelance writer while finishing her first novel, a love story with the working title Rising from Ashes, in her spare time.
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