“Bind” by Chris Murray


if there are birds here,
then they are of stone.
draughts of birds,
flesh, bone, wing,
a claw in the grass.
rilled etch gathers to her nets
of dust and fire –
tree-step (again).
bird claw impinge, and lift.
surely light would retain in
silica’s cast or flaw ?

bind again

it gathers outside the perimeter
not wanton gargoyle nor eagle
it is  of-one-piece         seamed,
a migratory pattern of
umbered dawn rolling her black frenzy
down the condensed corridors.

bind and bind again were first published in Deep Water Literary Journal (August 2015)

Thanks to Tom and Eve O’Reilly at Deep Water Literary Journal for publishing ‘bind’. The new DWLJ is online now and it is well worth a visit. I am adding here a link to Tom D’Evelyn’s blog. Tom wrote about the ideas in ‘bind’. I am, and have been very grateful to Tom who has written so graciously about my work for sometime now. Poets require readers who react to and understand the work, especially when the work is inherently about teasing out the image. ‘Bind’ is from a book in progress that is divided into four main sections, Boundaries, Babel, Wintering, and Park and Corridor. It is a winter book.

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